Learn more about your technology and what it can do with our friendly one-on-one training that will ensure you get the most out of your technology investments! We can offer training in a variety of things, including:


You may have just purchased one with a new operating system you're unfamiliar with or might be completely new to them altogether. Whatever the case, your technician can train you on how to use your computer from the ground up. Learn basic PC skills like the use of keyboard shortcuts through to more complicated ones like how to do emails.

Software training

Our software training can encompass an array of programs of your choice. Want to know how to download music, movies and television shows using Apple iTunes? We will set you up with an account and show you how. Wishing you knew how to manage and share photos and videos with your family and friends? We'll download the best program for the task and explain how to use it.

Connecting peripheral devices

Phones, tablets, digital cameras and portable media players are all examples of peripheral devices that can be connected to your computer so that things like your calendar and files synchronise between the two devices.

Social Media

Wondering what all the fuss about Facebook is? We'll explain the different social media options and opportunities like Facebook and Twitter to you and help you get setup with them.

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